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Looking for an online activity that leaves your group feeling connected and smiling whilst they're miles apart? Then look no further than our Virtual Murder Mysteries! Packed with interaction, suspicious suspects and plenty of laughter along the way!


When lockdown began back in March 2020 (Which feels like a lifetime ago these days), we knew we had to act fast to adapt and find a way to offer Detective’s a way to still enjoy our investigations. So, we became the first (and only) Murder Mystery company in the world to offer live Solve-A-Long cases, played every Thursday to audiences around the world. Using our experience from the 2 Lockdown Solve-a-Long series’.

The way it works is our Inspector will present you with 4 suspicious suspects. After providing the preliminary facts of the case, an 'Assistant Detective' is selected at random from your team who will pick the order of the suspects to question. After hearing the backstory & alibi of the suspect, your team will be able to ask your questions to the suspect to try and pick up clues (and avoid the red herrings along the way!).

Once all the suspects have been questioned, we take a poll on who you believe the guilty party is and the Inspector will take a selection of your team's conclusions before revealing all. Running time is 75-90 minutes (depending on how many questions your team has).

Since we began offering our virtual option, over 100 live virtual cases have been played globally, from London to New York, from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, from California to Zürich, and from Edinburgh to Singapore (A lot of coffee was needed for that morning!) Online clients include; Lloyds Bank, TikTok, Fujitsu, Adyen Ltd, Markem Imaje, Havas Health & You, and Adobe, alongside numerous other businesses and private events.

We hope we can provide you a chance for some escapism in these difficult times and with our shows, your group will feel more connected together, no matter how many miles apart.
For pricing and availability, please contact us today for more information.

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Murder in a Winter Wonderland

Here's what our Virtual Event clients had to say!

"Quite honestly the highlight of 2020 for me, it's been the most I've laughed and smile in a long time."
Rachel C. 

Robert Bird Group

“Thank you so much- that was brilliant and ran very smoothly! Great to see the team really get involved and ask plenty of questions.”

Suze A.


"A fabulous evening. The cast were fantastic and you marshalled proceedings very well. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the event.
Rizwan M.

Private Party

"Everyone really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Definately made up for not being able to see each other in person. I've learnt I'm a rubbish Detective though, I'll stick with the office manager role!"

Jade S.

Loomis Sayles Ltd.

Peril on the Palatine Express-ONLINE SQU


Style: 1930's 'Orient Express' Themed

The year is 1938, St Pancras station is in its prime and connecting travellers into the heart of the Capital. However, one train has appeared in the most mysterious circumstances. Emerging through the coal-fuelled smoke, The Palatine pulls to a halt on Platform 4 and a blood curdling scream is heard echoing throughout the station. A passenger has been discovered dead and it's up to you to catch the killer.

Murder at Mothley Zoo- Online Square Ad.


Style: Modern Day Zoo Themed

As the glorious weather shines down, families have flocked for a day out at Motley Zoo, and if the kids misbehave they can be dragged around the old moth house too. But this weekend, the queue is snaking up in excitement for the new Gorilla.

However, when the red curtain is pulled back, there's no sign of the Gorilla, but the body of the head zookeeper instead! 

Mr Wobblys Murdertime Spectacular- Onlin


Style: Children's TV Themed Whodunnit

What time is it kids? It’s Wobbly time! For the last 10 years, kids have been glued to the TV at 4pm to watch Mr Wobblys Funtime Spectacular. Surely everyone loves Mr Wobbly, no?


Well someone was clearly baying for more than a custard pie to the face, as Mr Wobbly has been found murdered just prior to filming his 1000th show! Will you be able to solve the case before the final credits roll?

Fatality on the Ferry-ONLINE SQUARE AD.j


Style: Modern Day Farce

After a series of errors on the Diddly Dolphin, the general manager has worked hard to convince the community and tourists there won’t be any more problems. Tonight, Danielle Barnes has decided to throw a special night of entertainment in an attempt to drive up business.


All seems to be running smoothly, the drinks are flowing, the guests are laughing (hopefully) and there is not a floating corpse in sight. That is until it seems murder has struck twice on the Diddly Dolphin!

Killer at the Casino-ONLINE SQUARE


Style: 1920's Gangster Themed

The mean streets of Chicago were never a safe place with gangsters roaming every corner, and the Casinos were no exception. 2 weeks ago, a planned hit on a Casino Owner went south when a Blackjack Dealer snitched just in time. Now, it seems the Dealer has had a taste of his own medicine. Tonight, it’s time to roll the dice and help Inspector Rutherford catch the killer before they strike again.

Curse of the Pharoahs- Online Square Ad.


Style: 1920s Explorer Themed

After a long and expensive process of failed excavations, a major expedition led by Sir Wilfred Marker has finally made a breakthrough, discovering the tomb of unknown Pharaoh La-Tadkhul.


However, it seems the Curse of the Pharaohs has struck again as Sir Wilfred is found dead in his tent the following morning! Is this a curse at play? Or will the guilty suspect be able to get away before they face the asp?

Foggy Landscape

"The Actors were incredible and had us in stitches, everyone loved the experience. Lots of laughs and memories to keep with us forever."
(Kaniksha V. Hen Party- 2021)