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Meet the Suspects- Sam

As much as our suspects like to hide away from the spotlight to avoid suspicion, we want to take the time to highlight some of the amazing actors that make up the team here at Moonstone Murders.

We could prepare the most tantalizing cases, packed with red herrings, plot twists and surprises, but it is the skill of our professional performers that bring the shows to life (or death, so to speak!).

So here is your opportunity to learn a bit about those suspicious suspects and the life of being a Moonstoner!

Suspect Name: Sam

Training: St Mary's University.

Why did you want to be a suspect at Moonstone Murders?

I originally started years ago with our South West company when a friend of mine recommended me for a gig, I've always been a big fan of working in improv and interactive theatre so right up my street. After that I never looked back!

What is your favourite show/ role to perform in?

Inspector Rutherford always has a special place in my heart, having played him over 100 times across various cases. Favourite show would be Murder at the Mason Hotel, it's one of our few cases where the Inspector is also a Suspect, and Daniel Barnes is essentially my version of Basil Fawlty. Never gets old being rude to guests and them thanking you for it!

What is the best thing about being a Moonstoner?

The family feeling, it's great to see all of our performers getting on so well both on/off stage. Being able to stand back and watch two improvisers bounce off each other is a pleasure to watch. Also when audience members literally cry with laughter, doesn't happen every show but a great sign you're doing something right when it does.

And the worst?

The paperwork, when you run the company single handedly, there's nothing worse than the dreaded spreadsheet!

What is your funniest memory of performing with Moonstone Murders?

Too many to count, personal highlights include;

-On tour in Spain where Kathryn got her character name wrong and had to double down all night to try make up for it (She was wearing a name badge at the time...)

-Performing Malice in Wonderland at Hatfield House, where we created a whole room montage with guests marching around tables as card soldiers, people standing on tables and a 30 person cat orchestra.

-The whole of the Moonstone Murders Live(ish) online series during lock-down. It was the one time of the week where we could all just escape and have fun. A couple of the shows brought me to near tears of laughter on screen.

What would you say to someone thinking about going to their first Murder Mystery?

When an Inspector say's the words "Red Herring", pay attention to it, there's only so many times I can reference that pub if you won't take the hint!

What would be your perfect Murder?

Well I write all of our shows, so can't be giving away my secrets now, can I?

When not pleasing your 'innocence' how do you like to spend the time?

I'm a big theatre fan, so try and catch a show when I get the chance. Mainly though I'm working away on a new case for you all to enjoy.

And finally...did you do it?

You'll have to book a show to find out!

Want to see our suspicious suspects in action? Book your investigation today! Contact us to find out more about our available cases or check us out and one of our upcoming public shows.

Can you #CatchTheKiller?

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