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Meet the Suspects- Ryan

As much as our suspects like to hide away from the spotlight to avoid suspicion, we want to take the time to highlight some of the amazing actors that make up the team here at Moonstone Murders.

We could prepare the most tantalizing cases, packed with red herrings, plot twists and surprises, but it is the skill of our professional performers that bring the shows to life (or death, so to speak!).

So here is your opportunity to learn a bit about those suspicious suspects and the life of being a Moonstoner!

Suspect Name: Ryan

Training: Exeter University (BA Drama)

Why did you want to be a suspect at Moonstone Murders?

I'd worked on Murder Mysteries before at University and improv is a great way of keeping you on your toes- you have to be able to react quickly and in character, whatever is asked of you.

What is your favorite show/ role to perform in?

My favourite so far was probably Raymond Barnes in 'The Tables have Turned'. This or George in Murder at the Mason Hotel, although it can be hard work being target practice all evening!

What is the best thing about being a Moonstoner?

Every show is totally different and the content of the show is determined as much by the audience as it is by the cast and the script. The exciting thing about theatre is it’s live, and things can go wrong and take you by surprise – occasionally something happens in a Moonstone show that nobody expects, but the audience and the actors just run with it, and that’s when it gets really fun!

And the worst?

Sometimes we finish quite late, and it requires a lot of focus thinking on your feet for the duration of the show, so it can be tiring work.

What is your funniest memory of performing with Moonstone Murders?

Being told that I must have been the killer, because my eyes are too close together.

What would you say to someone thinking about going to their first Murder Mystery?

Don’t be afraid to get involved! The actors like being put under pressure – ask us your questions and try to catch us out, don’t give us an easy time!

What would be your perfect Murder?

Sniping a mime. You’d be so far away that everyone would think he was just trying something new with his performance.

When not pleasing your 'innocence' how do you like to spend the time?

Working on as many other acting roles as possible! Outside of that, keeping fit, playing games online with my family, practicing accents and playing the harmonica.

And finally...did you do it?

Of Course!

Want to see our suspicious suspects in action? Book your investigation today! Contact us to find out more about our available cases or check us out and one of our upcoming public shows.

Can you #CatchTheKiller?

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