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Meet the suspects: Catherine

As much as our suspects like to hide away from the spotlight to avoid suspicion, we want to take the time to highlight some of the amazing actors that make up the team here at Moonstone Murders.

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As much as our suspects like to hide away from the spotlight to avoid suspicion, we want to take the time to highlight some of the amazing actors that make up the team here at Moonstone Murders.  We could prepare the most tantalising cases, packed with red herrings, plot twists and surprises, but it is the skill of our professional performers that bring the shows to life (or death, so to speak!). So here is your opportunity to learn a bit about those suspicious suspects and the life of being a Moonstoner! Suspect Name: Catherine Training: East 15 Acting School, Represented by Stage Centre Management. Why did you want to be a suspect at Moonstone Murders? Being a suspect at Moonstone Theatre London is lots of fun! There's nothing quite like engaging the audience in the dramatics of the evening and dropping the other suspects in it! What is your favourite show/ role to perform in?  My favourite show is Murder at the Boisdale, Playing both the naive Christine and the illustrious Violet Kingsbury is a thrill and a challenge, keeping both myself and the customers on our toes! What is the best thing about being a Moonstoner? Its a great company to work for, there's always great banter and drama - bouncing off the other castmates energy, improvising some clever one-liners and engaging the audience in the world of the show. I've had a couple of great dramatic exits and wonderful moments of on the spot tomfoolery that had the customers in fits of laughter. And the worst? Being caught out once with referencing mobile phones! not very 1920s of me! What is your funniest memory of performing with Moonstone Murders? My funniest memory is playing Mary Barty in Murder at the Mason Hotel, and catching our poor detective off guard by marching at him across the room making him backpedal away from me, poor Sam playing the part, almost went backwards out a window! thankfully he had a lucky escape amongst the customers who were in stitches of laughter. What would you say to someone thinking about going to their first Murder Mystery? Get dressed up, get involved and put your best investigators hat on! What would be your perfect Murder?  My perfect murder would be a dramatic death at a theatre - someone has switched out the dummy gun for a real one, during the final scene before interval the star actor dies and the whole cast and audience is in turmoil. who did it? it could've been her jealous ex-lover, or the understudy or even the wardrobe mistress she'd been seeing on the side or perhaps it was the theatre manager (an ex-actor shunned from the stage for his improper advances on the star).  But wait the Artistic Director has been murdered in the dressing room in a rather compromising position! it seems we have a serial killer on the loose whose hell bent on destroying not only the production but also the theatre itself. who is it and how can they be stopped? Thankfully our plucky stage manager  come detective is up to the task! Will the murderer be caught?  Will the show go on?! When not pleasing your 'innocence' how do you like to spend the time? When not pleading my innocence, I am a freelance Actor- Musician, I enjoy doing both stage and screen work. You may see my face on the Santander and Paddy Power commercials! I'm currently devising a new show set to tour London in September, I am also training with Little Angel Theatre on their Puppetry Foundation Course and will be involved in a research and development project for an exciting new production with Ceridwen Theatre. And finally...did you do it? Who knows?! You'll have to come to the next murder mystery to find out!

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