When it comes to Murder Mysteries, every company has their own style, format and plot structure, the only thing we have in common is somebody has been up to no good! We can work around a dinner, an event, special occasion or in any Corporate setting. We will work with you ahead of your day to agree how to do this best. We are booked by individuals and also by theatre and restaurant owners wanted to create an attractive and unique ticketed event. Many London venues have given us our own residencies. But we equally enjoy making a 40th birthday that bit more special and memorable.  We agree an all-in fee upfront, no surprises, no extras. You'll be very surprised how affordable one of our top rated experiences can be.  Legendary critic West-end Wilma gave us 4 stars!

For a Moonstone Theatre Murder Mystery, our formula is the same for the majority of our plot-lines and has been designed to work around the other elements of your event such as service times and any additional entertainment you may have. The plot is played out through a series of scenes between performers and in-between the scenes, our performers will interact with your guests to answer any of their questions or throw in necessary clues or red herrings to help your guests along the way.

Generally, our performances take around 2 1/2- 3 hours to play out with breaks, although this depends on the number of guests, your schedule and the difficulty of the plot-line selected. We will work alongside you in regards to timings and you will be able to update us throughout the evening should any circumstances change. Why not come try us out first by coming to an upcoming  public event?


Once all the scenes have been played out, by this point you and your guests will have your suspicions but may have more to ask to fit the last piece of the puzzle. Our inspector will give your guests the opportunity to question all of our suspects as a whole room to help everyone pick up some last minute clues (although our suspect's have been known to lie on these occasions!) 

After this the inspector will take everyone's conclusions about who they believe is guilty and their motive behind the murder. Then they will begin to unravel the evenings events and finally reveal our devious killer.

Truth Will Out Polaroid
Foggy Landscape

"The Actors were incredible and had us in stitches, everyone loved the experience. Lots of laughs and memories to keep with us forever."
(Kaniksha V. Hen Party- 2021)